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THE JUDGE: Tim Gruchy  


Tim grew up in Bundaberg during the 1960s and 1970s going to both Bundaberg West State School and Bundaberg State High School


Now based in South Australia his extensive career spans the exploration and composition of interactive immersive multimedia through installation and performance, redefining it's role and challenging delineations between cultural sectors.


He's exhibited multimedia works, photography, video, music and performance since the early 1980s. Works are in private, corporate and museum collections, and the public art arena.

His installations and performances feature in international and Australasian institutions, festivals and public spaces.

He has exhibited in Africa, Australia, New Zealand, China, Taiwan, Holland, Belgium, UK, USA, Japan, France and Thailand

Currently a Distinguished Professor at Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts and Adjunct Research Professor, University of South Australia.

His research includes interactivity, the human computer interface and preformative interactives.

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