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The Bundaberg Arts Festival has been organising competitive art competitions in the Bundaberg region for over 40 years drawing strength from its immense creative talent.

After a year off in 2018, the association came back in 2019 with the new BUNDABERG ART PRIZE with the express objective:


 “To bring out the best in Bundaberg’s artists by elevating the Bundaberg Art Prize to being one of the most recognised and sought after Regional Art Events in Australia”

Pop up Galleries in the CBD

An exciting development for the inaugural 2019 event was that we will be utilised a number of currently vacant shops, creating an art trail across the Bundaberg CBD, bringing "art to the people".  This will enabled the public to access art outside of the traditional gallery setting and bring a sense of vibrancy and fun to the event.

In 2019 Over 450 works from 250 different artists were exhibited across 4 locations in the CBD.

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